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Our students love to read. They look at books, share them with their friends, and some of our teeny tiny scholars even try to eat them! It is super important to always keep things fresh on the bookshelf and provide the children with beautiful and quality books for them to dive into.

Our students have been working on recognizing their primary colors. We’ve got lots of cool lessons on the shelf to reinforce the names and hues, and of course some fantastic books too!

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Pantone Books:

We all know and love those Pantone colors, especially the Pantone color of the year, Greenery. 

These adorable board books are the perfect way to introduce your toddler to rich color and cool design. Each color book contains several different pantone shades for the color as well as a cute little picture. Our students are loving these!

 New York: A Book of Colors:

Who doesn’t love New York City? The lights, the hustle, the people? If you can’t get enough of the city edge than this color book is perfect for you! The illustrations are adorable and nostalgic to all those who’ve spent any time roaming the concrete jungle.

 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A color primer:

For a long time board books for infants and toddlers were well lets be honest, a little yawn worthy. We cannot get enough of the new titles that keep emerging for this age group, and no one does it better than Baby Lit Books! We have been obsessed with Baby Lit books for a long time, because they are as enjoyable for adults as they are for Toddlers. Our students LOVE this book, and it’s no secret why!

My Torah Colors:

Jewish books are also seeing a revamping and this color primer is a fantastic choice! Each color page is filled with Judaic and Non Judaic items in that color.  Our students are loving the fact that they can recognize many of the items they see in the classroom on a weekly basis, like Challah and Grape Juice!

Elmers Colors:

Elmer is a beautiful patchwork Elephant with just about as many colors as Joseph’s colorful coat. This book is a short and adorable read! The colors in this book are not the typical colors we see in other books, but we like that about it. Elmer books have a lot of depth and there are many more stories in store for Elmer.

This Little President: A Presidential Primer

In the United States, February is the month in which we celebrate our Presidents. History can be a really difficult concept to bring into such a young environment, but it is never too early to foster proud little Americans. I stumbled upon this book several months ago while traveling through Chicago and instantly fell in love!

During the Jewish Month of Shevat, which we currently find ourselves in, the Jewish people celebrate a holiday commemorating the life cycle of trees. The Holiday called “Tu Bshvat” meaning the 15th day of Shevat is rich with sensorial experiences and traditions that vary in every community. In Judaism there is a blessing we recite whenever we try something new. Such as wearing new clothes, trying a new food, or conducting a service for the first time in a year, like lighting candles for Rosh Hashana each year. Most communities share the custom of eating a fruit which one has not tasted at least within one year, in order to make the special blessing on it. Many communities also make sure to partake in eating one of the 7 fruits famous to the land of Israel.

This month our students will explore Tu B’shvat and its many beautiful traditions, along with planting new plants, and trying new fruits they will enjoy the following book titles too!

It’s Tu B’Shvat:

This book is a wonderful tool to bring the Holiday to life in the classroom in a meaningful, relatable way. The content is definitely more advanced, but the imagery captures and holds the children’s attention!

The Secret Garden: A flowers primer

What did we say about those Baby Lit books? This one definitely does not disappoint! The best part of this book is the unique flowers it illustrates as well as the color rich pictures! Our students are going to LOVE this one too!

We hope you received some good recommendations here! Stay Tuned for more!



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